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 I have started doing in house leather working. If there is something you would like me to recreate into real leather i can do it for you.You can pick the color and thickness of the leather.If you have something you like that is not leather and you would like it to be you can bleach the crap out of it and mail it to me.I will remake it into leather using the same hardware IE O-rings D-rings and buckles.If you would like straps shorter or longer i can do that also. To give a high rough estimate on the cost its current price x4 large items like harnesses will be more. I will not do anything that requires sewing or forming as of yet i am still new. What i have made so far out of real leather.
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There are different adjustable ranges for the chest measurements. In each range you can adjust it 5/8 inch at a time for the perfect fit.You can do it yourself with a #1 Phillips head and a socket/pliers . The lock nuts ensure she can not take it off without unlocking it first . Once locked in you can not take it off without the key or breaking it . The inside cup size is 6 3/8 by 5 1/2 inches The width of the chest strap is 1 3/8 inches Shoulder chains are approximately 18 inches long and are adjusted to a snug fit by moving them out farther on the the chest strap 75CM(29.53") - 105CM(41.34")